BOTOX® Cosmetic

As the most commonly performed in cosmetic treatment in North America, BOTOX® is considered by most medical professionals as the gold standard in treating wrinkles, creases and lines. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that over 7.2 million BOTOX treatments were performed in 2017 alone, and this figure will most steadily increase as it consistently has in the past.

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Juvederm® Fillers

You want to change your facial features or erase the visible signs of aging without surgery. Juvéderm® can do that for you!
We offer Juvéderm injectable filler for soft tissue augmentation. This is the only filler product we offer, since it’s been found to consistently outperform other products of the same kind, such as Galderma Injectables and Belotero. While all of these fillers are based on the key ingredient of hyaluronic acid (HA), a type of sugar that’s naturally present in skin, Juvéderm has the smoothest consistency and higher viscosity. This is due to its unique HYLACROSS formulation featuring crosslinked, high–molecular weight HA. Juvéderm has been associated with a lower rate of migration from the target area, so you know it will “stay put” and provide you with desirable results that last.

In fact, a 2017 study published in the medical journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, found that patients who received Juvéderm for their nasolabial folds (the bracket-like creases surrounding your mouth and nose) were less prominent than in patients treated with Galderma Injectables 6 months after their treatment. In addition, there were fewer severe complications. Well over half of the patients preferred Juvéderm!

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That bulkiness under your chin is ruining your profile. This is a common problem that 68% of men and women have, according to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

Kybella is an injectable treatment that targets fat located under the chin (known as submental fat). With a treatment that takes just 10-20 minutes, the fat under your chin will slowly breakdown and disappear over a month or two, so you can finally see the definition of your neck better. Since numbing cream is applied to the area before your treatment, the injections don’t hurt at all. You may feel a slight burning or stinging sensation right after, but this will go away within a couple of hours. Some swelling and bruising might also develop, but will disappear within a few days.

Up to 6 treatments, each spaced a month apart, are typically needed to eliminate that submental fat and dramatically improve your profile. Generally, no re-treatment or maintenance sessions are needed after that. That means within a matter of a few months, you’ll finally get rid of that double chin for good!

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