Introducing Clarity II Laser Hair Removal!

Specializing in laser hair removal, our team knows that every person’s skin is unique. Historically, laser hair removal has been better suited to specific circumstances. The best results were achieved in people with a marked contrast between hair color and skin tone. As new technologies and laser devices have been developed, the opportunity to reduce hair for good is becoming available to a wider range of patients. We are proud to be at the forefront of laser technology and its benefits for our clients, bringing new lasers into our facility as they prove their value through clinical performance.

Why Clarity II Laser?
The Clarity laser hair removal system has two distinct wavelengths that make this device capable of treating a wide range of skin colors and tones. One wavelength is suitable for lighter skin and the other is great for darker skin. Experts agree that this laser is an excellent option even for darker skin types because the longer wavelength of laser light passes through the skin to target melanin in the hair shaft without affecting the epidermis.

How does the Clarity II laser feel?
The Clarity laser features a built-in cooling mechanism that activates after each laser pulse. This cooling feature dissipates heat and protects the skin while also maintaining optimal comfort. The device applicator also has a large spot-size and quick-pulse technology that work together to expedite the effects of treatment so each session is quick and comfortable.

Safety of the Clarity II Laser
Laser hair removal is a safe and well-studied technique of getting rid of unwanted hair for good. Safety and satisfaction are two of our primary goals in providing laser hair removal services. Therefore, the devices that we add to our selection are vetted thoroughly for results with as few side effects as possible.