lash extensions

lash extensions

Fully Customizable

Your choice of shade, thickness, curl rate and length.

Water Resistant

Won't wash away when showering.

Long Lasting

Your lash extensions will stay on for over a month.

Lusher, fuller and longer lashes.

Even the most expensive mascara won’t help if you have short, sparse, or brittle eyelashes. Our eyelash extensions will give you the lashes you always wanted–no mascara required!

Did you know that mascara is the most popular make-up product used by women? This is because we all know that by enhancing our lashes, it improves how our eyes look. But applying mascara and other eye make-up can be time consuming. It can also leave you with a flaky, gloopy mess that’s hard to clean up without ruining the rest of your make-up. Lash extensions are a simple way to get the thicker, longer and fuller lashes that you want, but just can’t get with gloopy mascara alone. Whether it’s to fill in bare spots, lengthen or darken your lash line, you can choose whatever look suits you best.

Your lash extensions are customized based on your preferences. Regardless of type, our lash extensions are extremely lightweight, so they won’t make you feel weighed down. You won’t even feel that they’re there — you’ll just be able to see the improvement!

lash extensions

Choose to go subtle or dramatic with your choice of:

Length – Curl – Thickness

In addition to the lash style, the adhesives we use are super fast drying, minimally scented and suitable for the most sensitive of skin types. This reduces the risk of irritation and allergic reaction.

We are eyelash extension specialists

Your lash extension treatment is performed in the comfort of our luxury spa facility by our talented and licensed medical esthetician. Our esthetician has decades of experience in lash extensions and make-up application. This ensures a smoother application, less fuss, and much longer lasting results. Typically, results last for over a month, and simple touchups can help make them last even longer.

Lash extensions give you the lashes you want without the hassle.