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BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy is a treatment designed to improve your overall health and wellness through boosting and regulating your microcirculation.

Proper circulation of blood is crucial in your physical and mental health. It nourishes and oxygenates your tissues while at the same time supports the removal of waste matter.

Do you know if you have proper circulation so that your body can function at its optimal capacity?

75% of your circulation relies on the smallest blood vessels in your body, something known as microcirculation. Unfortunately, many of these tiny blood vessels and capillaries are delicate and can be negatively affected or damaged by age, weight gain and trauma — leaving you with improper blood circulation and putting you at a higher risk of pain, sickness, and even life threatening diseases.

BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy

BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation, a method of Physical Vascular Therapy that is currently the most effective method in the natural physical treatment of microcirculation. Every function in your body is controlled by electromagnetic signals, and BEMER targets your small vessels to improve microcirculation with patented electromagnetic energy at a low flux density. The treatment is well received by patients. It is typical to feel some warmth or tingling and you’ll most likely feel  relaxed and invigorated afterward.Over the past 15 years, a number of studies have been conducted to ensure its effectiveness and safety. BEMER has been proven so effective that it is used in thousands of hospitals and medical clinics in Europe. The device is approved by the FDA as a Class I medical device.

Fight Sickness with Improved Circulation

Improving circulation is effective in optimizing the overall health of any man or woman.  With improved microcirculation, you can experience an alleviation of symptoms and/or an improved healing rate by maximizing the amount of nutrients tissues receive and removing harmful waste matter.

Notice the amount of blood passing through the vein before and after the treatment.

Improved Circulation Can Help Improve Your Athletic Performance

A number of medical studies have proven that BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy can decrease the amount of time it takes for your tissues to regenerate during and after exercise. This allows athletes to undergo more vigorous and longer workouts without prolonging recovery or increasing the risk of injury.

Improved microcirculation can also reduce the risk of injuries and shorten rehabilitation times.

Improves Mental Fitness

Improper microcirculation has been linked to poor mental fitness. Issues like forgetfulness, dullness and inability to concentrate may be improved with BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy. While the treatment is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, it can complement diet and exercise to maximize your mental fitness.

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Fights Sickness

Improves Athletic Performance

Boosts Mental Acuity

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