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Brella SweatControl Patch

Effective, FDA-cleared sweat reduction, with one quick treatment.

Brella Patch: Effective Sweat Relief Meets Comfort

Discover the power of the Brella SweatControl Patch. Our FDA-cleared patch offers a quick, comfortable, and effective solution for reducing excessive underarm sweating, helping you regain confidence and improve your quality of life.

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Advanced Brella SweatControl Technology

How It Works: Quick, Effective Sweat Reduction

This FDA-cleared treatment uses targeted alkali thermolysis (TAT) technology for a fast, non-invasive solution to excessive underarm sweating.

The Brella patch’s sodium sheet reacts with sweat to generate heat, inactivating sweat glands without needles or surgery.

Experience the Benefits:

  • Fast Treatment: Just three minutes per underarm.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Reduced sweating for 3-4 months.
  • Comfortable: Non-invasive, no anesthesia needed.

What to Expect: A healthcare provider applies the patch for up to three minutes per underarm. You may feel a warm sensation. The process is quick, letting you resume daily activities immediately.

Experience the future of sweat control with Brella at AUSTEX Wellness.

Brella Patch Austin
Minutes Per Arm
How It Works

Our Brella SweatControl Process

Step 1


Your clinician will first inspect your underarms to ensure there are no skin issues like redness or abrasions. They will then clean the area thoroughly to prepare for the treatment.

Step 2


Once actively sweating, the SweatControl Patch is applied to your underarm for up to three minutes. You may feel a warming sensation during this time, which indicates the patch is effectively working.

Step 3

Second Arm

After the patch is removed from the first underarm, your clinician will clean the area and properly dispose of the used patch. The process is then repeated on the other underarm with a new patch, ensuring both sides are treated.

Effective Sweat Reduction with Brella

Watch how the Brella SweatControl Patch works in action, providing quick and effective relief from excessive underarm sweating.

How Brella Works Video
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Brella SweatControl Patch FAQs

The Brella SweatControl Patch is an FDA-cleared treatment that uses targeted alkali thermolysis (TAT) technology to reduce excessive underarm sweating. It is a quick, non-invasive solution that provides relief for three to four months.

The patch contains a sodium sheet that reacts with the moisture in your sweat, generating localized heat. This heat inactivates the sweat glands without the need for needles or surgery.

Yes, the Brella SweatControl Patch is FDA-cleared and has been proven safe in clinical trials, with no severe or serious adverse events reported. Most side effects are mild and temporary.

Each underarm requires just three minutes of application time, making the entire process quick and convenient.

Your clinician will clean and prepare your underarms, then apply the patch for up to three minutes. You may feel a warming sensation as the patch interacts with your sweat. The process is then repeated on the other underarm.

Men and women who suffer from primary axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) and are seeking a non-invasive, needle-free solution are good candidates.

Results typically become apparent within three to five days after treatment, with significant reduction in sweating lasting for three to four months.

Some patients may experience mild, temporary side effects such as a warm sensation, tingling, or slight stinging during the treatment. These effects usually subside quickly.

You can repeat the Brella treatment every three to four months or as needed, based on your sweating levels and the advice of your clinician.

AUSTEX Wellness is a pilot practice for the Brella SweatControl Patch, offering expert care with experienced clinicians who provide personalized treatment plans to ensure optimal results and improve your quality of life.


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